Two Wizards

A comedy podcast about wizards by Tom McLean

One thousand years ago, an oracle wrote a prophecy. She predicted that some Australian comedians would think it'd be a good idea to pretend to be wizards and make up a bunch of hilarious garbage off the top of their heads and record it into a microphone. The townsfolk described the prophecy as “basically gibberish” and petitioned the wizard Michael Storm to turn her into a nest of bees. He did, and the villagers ate future-honey forever.

Some time later, Michael Storm made a deal with a demon: in exchange for supreme magical power, he would talk into a portal for twenty minutes once a month.

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Episode 6: Jebidiah Winter (Peter C Hayward)

21 Jul, 2015

The portal interrupts Michael as he has an injury tended to by Jebidiah Winter. Jebidiah has been keeping bees, someone claims to have killed a unicorn.

A runic inscription around the podcast reads:
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