Tom McLean

Hello! Here are some things that I’ve done.


Two Wizards

A generally improvised podcast about a wizard named Michael Storm, who has done a deal with a demon and now he has to talk into a portal for 20 minutes once a month. Laidback and cheerful and magical. Ran for a year, was very well received.


Mighty Dune Worm

I made this for Ludum Dare 33. Be a giant burrowing worm; help the villagers or eat them.

Mega My Marry Me Memories

Made for Global Game Jam '16 with @customcosy. A wedding celebrant simulator. Remember names, aisle music, and where you put that dang ring. You can do it!

It Is Your Responsibility

A mayhem-based dystopian text adventure. It was made when I had a pretty sizeable and active following, so it kind of has a design philosophy of being played by multiple people who are all communicating hints to each other; it’s probably ridiculously hard when played true-solo. But still.

Story War

A board game I made with Brad O’Farrell. It’s a card game version of “who would win out of batman vs superman” with juuust enough structure to make that not suck. Tom Vasel hated it because it “wasn’t a game” but he’s straight up wrong, it’s rad, we designed the heck out of this game and we did a good job. Volume 2 was even better.


I like making bots. I should do more of it.

Emoji mood

It studies emoji use on twitter and then tries to make its own tweets in the same style.

Polite tics

It monitors Hansard (the transcript of Australian parliamentary process) for polite words, and then tweets them.


Um, I’m a huge leftist, I get mad about Australian politics sometimes and write things.

It’s time to start having bootleg weddings

An essay about how getting legally married is for losers.

Peter Dutton is evil

This is kind of dated but, in another way, kind of timeless.